It Wasn’t About Me | Lekpele M. Nyamalon {{VIDEO}}

Mr. Lekpele M. Nyamalon is an award winnig poet, an author, an OSIWA Poetry Fellow, TEDx Speaker, and a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow. He has been expressing his grievances about this More Than Me sexual exploitation saga. He has done a number of pieces on the issue. However, Mr. Nyamalon got very disappointed yesterday, October 23, 2018, when school children were made to protest in the streets of Monrovia in favor of the CEO of the very school that violated them. He writes:

“It was sad yesterday watching a video of young school kids in a protest in what appeared like a counter protest about the menace that occurred at ‘More than Me’
Using children for this is beyond human, it’s witchcraft. Like a friend said, ‘Sometimes we have to rescue the people from themselves ‘.
As a poet of conscience, I’m adding my voice through this short piece
‘It wasn’t about me ‘.”

He then released a poetry video titled: “It Wasn’t About Me”.




Lekpele M. Nyamalon

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